AutoSens USA – 21st to 23rd May 2024

Claytex is exhibiting and presenting at the AutoSens USA 2024, the premier event gathering ADAS and AV specialists to drive innovation in vehicle perception.

As a TECHNIA Company, Claytex pioneers cutting-edge tools in vehicle simulation, covering the full spectrum of vehicle modeling from concept to real-time operation.

With over 25 years of experience in system simulation using Dymola and Modelica in the Motorsport and Automotive sectors, Claytex understands that every challenge is unique. We approach each project with adaptability, flexibility, and a focus on delivering tailored solutions to meet our customers’ technical and business objectives.

At the heart of our offerings lies our autonomous vehicle simulation solution developed on rFpro. It leverages physics-based sensor models, empowering automotive manufacturers to rigorously test, develop, and deploy AV solutions with confidence and safety.

Our simulation tools and services provide the framework for a dynamic development and deployment environment, unlocking the full potential of AV and ADAS programs. AVSandbox, equipped with millimeter-accurate digital twins, high-fidelity vehicle dynamics, and real-world sensor modeling, offers precision, flexibility, and scalability to test every parameter in deterministic, repeatable scenarios.

Presentation – Investigating the performance of perception sensors in winter conditions

Thursday 23rd May11:50am, Room 142C

Mike Dempsey, Managing Director of Claytex will take the stage on Thursday 23rd May for his session on “Investigating the performance of perception sensors in winter conditions”. In autonomous vehicle development, understanding sensor performance in various weather conditions, including snow, is crucial.

Join us as we unveil the findings of our research on the impact of snow on perception sensors such as camera, radar, lidar, and thermal imaging. This work is a pivotal component of the Sim4CAMSens project led by Claytex, which has received a £2 million grant to advance perception sensor modeling, simulation, and testing.

Find more about the event here: AutoSens USA 2024 Agenda.

If you have any questions or to book a meeting with our engineering team at the event, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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