IMechE: Simulation and Modelling Conference – 12-13 September

Claytex exhibit and present at the IMechE Simulation and Modelling Conference 2017 taking place at the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham.

Simulation and Modelling 2017 will provide a unique opportunity to discuss the latest developments made with computer aided and virtual engineering. Explore the advances being made with integration, optimisation and validation from design stage right through to manufacturing. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with colleagues and peers in the aerospace, automotive and rail industries. Furthermore, take the opportunity to meet simulation software and hardware providers in both structured and casual networking sessions.

The digitisation of manufacturing and the usage of High Performance Computing (HPC) is revolutionising how products are designed, tested and manufactured. With pioneers across the automotive and aerospace industries integrating simulation into their processes, find out how this has improved the efficiency of developing new products and systems.

IMechE_Simulation & Modelling 2017

Meet with Claytex

On our stand, we will be showcasing our systems engineering solutions Dymola and rFpro.



Session: Systems and Control across Transport  – Tuesday 12th September – 11:50


Virtualisation of practical testing through modelling and simulation is a systems development methodology which is growing within various industries. Simulation tools allow the engineers to explore a wide range of design concepts and usage scenarios on desktop and hardware in the loop environments without having to engage in as many expensive and time consuming practical tests. Practical testing may also require the engineers to have to wait until a laboratory/testing facility slot becomes available. Modelling and simulation can be scheduled to start as soon as the required information for model parameterisation has been input within the models.

Vehicle systems and their associated controllers are becoming increasingly capable and complex with every new design iteration. Simulation tools must allow all the vehicle systems involved to be simulated together and be physically coupled within the virtual environment. This enables a complete and high fidelity virtualisation of the vehicle systems which will be simulated by the engineers accurately representing the real world.

Such an example is a joint project with JLR looking at the assessment of cabin glazing and insulation technologies on the HVAC loading of passenger cars. In this study, the vehicle powertrain, cabin, occupants, heating and air conditioning systems are integrated within a system model of a current vehicle specification which is validated using test data from a real vehicle. The validated model is then used to explore the impact of more advanced glazing and insulating technologies on the loading of the HVAC system through simulation and virtualisation of practical tests. Such models are useful for control strategy design and development. A systems development methodology based more heavily on practical tests would have lead to significantly longer and more costly development of the systems that were evaluated.

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