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Perfecting performance

A comprehensive suite of solutions that enables the modelling, simulation, and testing of vehicles in a virtual environment

Digital simulation and modelling are playing an increasingly significant role in technology development in the automotive industry. The sophistication of such tools allow companies to work more and more in a virtual environment, eliminating some of the time and expense associated with building and testing physical prototypes whilst offering further flexibility to rapidly iterate designs.

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This year Claytex completed the development of a suite of libraries for Modelica (the modelling language behind Dymola). The ‘Vehicle Systems Modelling and Analysis’ libraries or VeSyMa, launched in May 2017, provide models for the simulation of conventional, hybrid and electric vehicles, as well as motorsport applications. VeSyMa offers a set of common vehicle templates with the flexibility to reconfigure subsystems to address any vehicle architecture concept.

The complete article can be accessed here: Perfecting performance

Claytex celebrated 10 years of exhibiting at LCV with the organisers of the Low Carbon Vehicle show, Cenex.

On our stand, we showcased how rFpro and Dymola can be used to support the development of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and autonomous cars. We had a driving simulator that uses a Dymola vehicle model and rFpro demonstrating this capability. Using rFpro to provide the virtual test environment we can support driver-in-the-loop and provide data feeds to the array of sensors (cameras, LiDAR, radar and ultrasound) all based off the same high-fidelity track model.

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