Reqtify 2019 FD01 Available

Dassault Systemes have announced the availability of a new version of Reqtify; Reqtify 2019 FD01 is a new release for Reqtify product line containing new features, new interfaces and enhancements, interface updates and fixes.

Reqtify is an interactive application for managing requirement, traceability, and impact analysis across different systems, programs, and project levels.

New Features 

File Format: Reqtify files (.rqtf, .types, .filters) are now saved in XML by default. The old INI format is still available for reading and writing. 

Attribute/Link Authoring: Internal types are replaced by Added element types. It is possible to define new attribute types from Coverage/Impact Views and new link types from Graphical view. In this case, an added element type modification document is automatically created with its associated document type.

Report Generation: Reqtify 2019 FD01 can now generate World native files using DOCX format. The following features are supported: 

  • Section, table, paragraph
  • Character styles: bold, italic, underlined, strikeout, color, highlight, font name, font siz
  • Hyperlink
  • Images 

Updated Features

Filters: Attributes can be used to filter documents.

Report Generation: Filter parameters are now available for report generation.

New Interfaces

Siemens Polarion: Reqtify 2019 FD01 can browse and extract work items from a Polarion module.

Google Drive: Reqtify 2019 FD01 can browse Google Drive documents and download them for analysis.

Google Docs: Reqtify 2019 FD01 can analyse Google Docs documents.

Google Sheets: Reqtify FD2019 FD01 can analyse Google Sheets documents. 

Google Slides: Reqtify 2019 FD01 can analyse Google Slides documents.

Updated Interfaces

Dassault Systemes 3DEXPERIENCE: Reqtify 2019 FD01 supports SAML authentication and standard WEB login dialog box.

Adobe PDF: When capturing paragraphs:

  • A space is added between joined lines, if necessary
  • ‘-‘ character at the end of the line is removed, if necessary

All annotations can now be captured.

IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation: Reqtify 2019 FD01 supports DOORS NG 6.0.

MathWorks Simulink: Reqtify 2019 FD01 supports MATLAB R2017b.

Simulink command line can be customised by adding some parameters.

Tortoise SVN: To manage projects in Subversion, it is no longer necessary to associate a connection profile. Checkout must now be done manually.

MagicDraw: Reqtify supports Cameo Systems Modeler and can capture diagrams as image on option.

Atlassian JIRA: Reqtify 2019 FD01 can extract links from JIRA.

Adobe FrameMaker: Reqtify 2019 FD01 supports FrameMaker 2017.

Zip: Reqtify 2019 FD01 supports 7-Zip format.

Download details

Customers with a valid support and maintenance agreement can download the new version of Reqtify.

Please contact Claytex to obtain the download link.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our sales or support teams.

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