Dymola and Modelica library (toolbox) licensing options

This blog post seeks to explain the licensing options available for Dymola and Modelica libraries.

License length

  • Perpetual: A licence where the software is purchased. The first year includes maintenance (access to software updates) and basic support. The support and maintenance is then optional from the start of the second year onwards and is usually 20% of the original purchase price. Please note that support and maintenance “holidays” are not feasible.
  • Annually leased: A licence which is valid for 12 months. It includes support and maintenance. If you are planning to use Dymola or the Modelica library for more than 2 years, it becomes more cost effective to purchase a perpetual licence.
  • Quarterly leased: A licence which is valid for 3 months. It includes support and maintenance.

Nodelocked vs Network/shareable

  • Nodelocked: A licence that is installed on/locked to a specific machine. Please note that this type of licence does not support the use of Dymola via VPN/remote desktop. In that case a network/shareable licence is required.
  • Network/shareable: A licence that is installed onto a licence server where a client on the same network as the licence server can check out a licence when they need it. These licences can also be borrowed by the client for up to 30 days at a time if the user will be, for example, travelling to places where they can’t log on to the licence server network. Note: the Dymola license servers are not supported on virtual machines; however, the Flex.Net server is supported on some platforms (see Dymola Full User Manual Section 17.3).

If your company has purchased multiple licences of Dymola and Modelica libraries at different dates during the year, these can be aligned for you so the renewals all occur on the same date. Please ask us for more information. Please note we also offer a service to help you update your own Modelica libraries to newer versions of Dymola if you require.

Academic options

Licence options are as above but academic licences of Dymola come as bundles. Dymola and Modelica library licence bundle types are listed on our website: Academia

Academia can also benefit from heavily discounted classroom licences as well as single licences:

  • For each single academic licence, a pack of 25 classroom licences of the same bundle (Academic Learn or Innovate) can also be bought.

We hope this blog post has given you an overview of the licence types available. Please get in touch if you wish to discuss any of these in more detail.

Written by: Alessandro Picarelli – Engineering Director

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