ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle International Interview Managing Director of Claytex

Ahead of the ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo 2023, Mike Dempsey, Managing Director of Claytex explains the capabilities of the company’s AVSandbox advanced simulation system that will be on display in Stuttgart, in the Expo Preview Issue of the ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle International magazine.

ADAS & Autonomoud Vehicle International – April Issue

What will you present in Stuttgart, this June?

AVSandbox is an ADAS and autonomous vehicle simulation solution that provides a sensor-realistic simulation environment to immerse your AV into the virtual world. To enable this, the simulation platform includes physics-based vehicle and sensor models, traffic and pedestrian controllers and interfaces to plug in your AV controller. In addition, we include tools to configure and manage simulations, define scenarios and analyse the simulation results.

The simulation platform can then be used in many different ways including the generation of training data, algorithm development, controller optimisation and safety assessment. We provide the tools to simulate your scenarios and assess the performance, behaviour and safety of your autonomous vehicle in a risk-free environment. Support for open standards and the provision of APIs further enables you to customise the solution to integrate it into your development process.

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