McMurtry Revolutionise Automotive Performance through Advanced Modelling and Simulation with Claytex

Press Release

Leamington Spa, UK
July 24th, 2023

Image: Courtesy of McMurtry Automotive

Claytex, a TECHNIA Company renowned for its expertise in modelling and simulation, today announced its strategic partnership with McMurtry, a groundbreaking automotive manufacturer. This collaboration aims to enhance the design, performance, and record-breaking capabilities of McMurtry’s high performance electric vehicles through the implementation of cutting-edge technologies and advanced multi-physics MBSE.

As part of the collaboration, Claytex has equipped McMurtry with two key solutions: Dymola and VeSyMA – Motorsports Libraries.

The primary objectives of the partnership include refining the design of McMurtry’s electric vehicles, achieving new performance records, and simulating the seamless integration of all vehicle systems. By utilising Claytex’s modelling and simulation tools, McMurtry aims to optimise the overall performance of the vehicle while gaining valuable insights into the intricate interactions between various systems.

The unique interaction of McMurtry’s car systems, in particular their patented downforce-on-demand fan system, operates outside of traditional software templates.  Hence, the integration of McMurtry’s systems into a cohesive whole demanded a bespoke approach. Claytex, using Dymola and their Modelica libraries, enabled the creation of a fully interlinked vehicle model tailored specifically to McMurtry’s groundbreaking innovations.

McMurtry currently holds the prestigious Goodwood Festival of Speed record, demonstrating their commitment to pushing the limits of automotive innovation. Their track-proven success has set the stage for the next exciting phase of their journey: the development of a customer version of their high-performance vehicle, the Spéirling PURE which delivers a further step up in performance. 

“We are thrilled to join forces with McMurtry in their quest for automotive excellence. Through our advanced modelling and simulation solutions, we aim to unlock the full potential of McMurtry’s groundbreaking innovations, ultimately revolutionising automotive performance and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.”

Magnus Falkman, CEO | TECHNIA

“We are excited to partner with McMurtry Automotive. Our modelling and simulation solutions enable McMurtry to optimise the design and performance of their electric vehicles, and to simulate the seamless integration of all vehicle systems. This partnership is a testament to Claytex’s expertise in advanced modelling and simulation, and we will help McMurtry achieve their ambitious goals.”

Alessandro Picarelli, Engineering Director | Claytex, a TECHNIA Company

“The cars we design at McMurtry don’t conform to out of the box templates. Working with the Claytex VeSyMA libraries and Dymola has unlocked a time efficient method to build accurate, detailed and bespoke models of our car systems from first principles. Having all systems in ‘one source of the truth’ ensures data consistency. Their quick reaction with support has also helped with learning and maximising utilisation of the software”.

George Scholz, Head of Mechanical Design & Vehicle Dynamics | McMurtry

About McMurtry

McMurtry operates at the leading edge of technology, working to develop the next generation of automotive innovation. McMurtry Automotive was founded in 2016 out of a love for driving and a greater love for racing. Our mission is to make the world’s greatest small cars for the road and track.

Our first offering will deliver drivers a visceral and responsive car with an unrivalled grip on the track using forbidden technology from Formula One.

About Claytex, a TECHNIA Company

Claytex, a TECHNIA Company, is a leading provider of modelling and simulation solutions. With over two decades of experience and a rich history of supplying cutting-edge tools to renowned motorsport entities, Claytex is at the forefront of automotive engineering advancements. By enabling comprehensive systems modelling, Claytex empowers organisations to optimise performance, reduce costs, and drive innovation.


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