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Alistair Welch learns how Claytex is helping its clients to make the most of complex simulation tools.

Claytex are specialists in helping clients to get the most out of Dymola – the Dassault Systèmes physical modeling and simulation tool for the design of complex engineering systems. Dymola, based around the Modelica modeling language, is used across transport sectors in the optimization of multi-domain systems in cars, aircraft, and fuel cells amongst other applications.

Given the tool’s complexity and intricacy, automotive developers will often turn to a specialist consultancy, such as Claytex, when it comes to the use of Dymola. “We will get involved with clients when they start to introduce Dymola and we will spend time working with them, training people, and setting up the initial models,” says Claytex founder and managing director Mike Dempsey. “That might be helping someone to figure out a concept: what should the cooling system look like? Will this system work or do you need a different one? Or [our involvement] can be much later on, looking in detail at getting a good correlation into the suspension system for example.”

He explains that Dymola’s real power is in the tool’s ability to conduct multi-domain simulation. “It can model mechanical systems, which could be simple one dimensional systems, or full multi-body representations,” continues Dempsey. “It can include fluid systems, electrical systems, other thermal systems, hydraulics, pneumatics, control: all combined into one simulation. You are able to look at how all these things are interacting.” Read the full article here

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