Claytex will be at the Model-Driven Development Days on the 24/25th April, 2013, Klokgebouw Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Claytex will be exhibiting and presenting at the Model-Driven Development Day, a two-day seminar on model-driven development.

We will be showing the capabilities of Dymola, and presenting how to model the 2014 F1 car. Please come and talk to us about any of your modelling and simulation needs. For more details contact

Modeling and simulation are of increasing importance in the product development process. The tooling is advancing fast and approaches physical reality. In fact, it is possible to skip physical models or prototypes in many cases and develop a product or machine first time right.

At the MDD technicians, technical managers and decision makers learn the latest news, share experiences and exchange ideas about organising and managing their development flows.


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