Claytex Joins The MathWorks Connections Programme

Claytex has become a member of The MathWorks Connections Programme. Claytex’s FMI Blockset for Simulink® enables FMI compliant models to be imported and run in Simulink using co-simulation.

MathWorks is the world’s leading developer of technical computing software for engineers and scientists.

The MathWorks Connections Programme is available to third-party organizations that develop and distribute complementary, commercially available products, training, and consulting based on MATLAB® and Simulink®. These partner offerings address technical needs across a wide range of applications and industries worldwide with software and hardware products that extend the usage of MATLAB and Simulink. These solutions seamlessly integrate with MathWorks products and ensure ongoing compatibility in conjunction with new MathWorks releases.

The FMI Blockset for Simulink® provides support for the Functional Mock-up Interface (“FMI”) open standard in Simulink.  This means that models that are compiled by third party tools such as Dymola, CATIA Systems and many more can be imported and used in Simulink.

“Partnership with MathWorks ensures that the development of our FMI tools is closely aligned with the continued development of Simulink®”, said Mike Dempsey, Managing Director of Claytex.

For more information visit: FMI Blockset for Simulink-Claytex and FMI Blockset for Simulink-MathWorks

If you have any questions or for more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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