Claytex at the MIA Showcase of Capability at Ford Dunton Technical Centre – 16 January 2014

Claytex will be attending the MIA Showcase of Capability at Ford Dunton Technical Centre which is part of the MIA Motorsport to Automotive initiative.  We will be focusing on our Automotive systems engineering solutions based around Dymola, Reqtify and Modelica.  This show is held within the Ford Dunton Technical Centre on the 16 January 2014.

Dymola is a Modelica based modelling and simulation tool with a wide range of libraries covering Engines, Powertrain, Vehicle Dynamics, Hybrids, Electrical systems, Air Conditioning, HVAC and many more.  It allows all of these systems to be studied at varying levels of fidelity covering the full development cycle of the product from concept through detailed design and during testing and validation.  The range of libraries and models available enables the detailed to be easily tailored to suit the analysis and the code generation for HiL, DiL enables the same models to be used at all stages of the project.

Reqtify is a requirements traceability and impact analysis tool.  It is designed to interface to your existing development tools and relate information between the documents, models, software code and designs that make up your project.  It automates the task of tracing requirements into specifications, implementations, test plans and reports to support the generation of documentation to meet functional safety certification requirements.


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