ADAS Development and Testing Sensor realistic simulation for virtual testing and development of ADAS using rFpro and your choice of vehicle physics model. Virtual testing is 100% repeatible saving time and allowing even small improvements to be objectively measured.


rFpro provides driving simulation software and Digital-Twins for Autonomous Driving, ADAS and Vehicle Dynamics development, testing and validation. It is being used to train, test and validate Supervised Learning systems for ADAS applications.

Sensor realistic simulation

Claytex develops camera, radar and LiDAR sensor models based on physics for use with rFpro. These models are representative of the real sensors and include weather and other noise effects.

Scenario based testing

Our Simulation Manager enables scenario based testing with support for OpenSCENARIO and OpenDRIVE. Define the intended trajectory for the ego vehicle, traffic and pedestrians and measure the system performance.

Measuring your performance

Simulation Manager for rFpro includes metrics that can be calculated to measure your system performance during a test. It provides an extendible plugin mechanism to allow you to add your own metrics to measure performance.

Ground truth

In simulation we can generate pixel perfect, labelled, ground truth data to train and test your perception layer. It can also be used to bypass the perception layer and focus on the planning and actuation part of the control system

Use your vehicle model

rFpro has interfaces to a wide range of vehicle dynamics software including Dymola, IPG CarMaker, SimPack, VI-Grade, Carsim, Simulink and also offers an open API enabling support for others

Driver-in-the-Loop or robot driver

Run tests as a Driver-in-the-Loop simulator or use our automated driver to run the vehicle through the test scenarios

Control system integration

Simulink toolboxes are available to provide easy integration into the simulator or connect to a HiL system to include the physical controller in the tests

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