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AVSandbox, the new solution from Claytex for sensor-realistic simulation, integrates simulation and physics-realistic sensors into your processes for developing and validating AV driving functions. Built from the ground up using the class leading simulation solution rFpro, AVSandbox is an autonomous vehicle simulation solution designed to test, develop and validate AV safety.

AVSandbox provides a sensor realistic simulation environment to immerse your AV into the virtual world. To enable this, the simulation platform includes physics based vehicle and sensor models, traffic and pedestrian controllers and interfaces to plug in your AV controller. In addition, we include tools to configure and manage simulations, define scenarios and provides open data access to analyse simulation result.

Why choose AVSandbox?

Building on our pioneering simulation technology rooted in Formula 1 – AVSandbox provides a suite of solutions that allow developers to virtually immerse AV systems in real-life locations and scenarios, enabling the safe deployment of autonomous vehicles, into the real-world.

  • Scenario based Autonomous Vehicle simulation platform
  • Sensor Realistic simulation
  • Multibody vehicle dynamics
  • Real-time and high-fidelity modes
  • Supports open standards including OpenSCENARIO, OpenDRIVE and FMI
  • Built around rFpro

Find out more on the AVSandbox website.

Introducing AVSandbox

Scenario based testing with AVSandbox


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