Dymola Python Training

A new training course has been developed to allow students to use the Python Interface with Dymola. The interface, shipped with Dymola, is freely available to use.

Python Interface with Dymola

The half day course focuses on the basics of how to use the interface effectively in any application. Setting up the interface, running simulations, calling functions and getting results are all covered with additional checks added to cover any potential problems that may arise, such as in the example below:

Example showing potential problems

Proper use can greatly increase a team’s ability to utilise Dymola away from the conventional methods. Creating scripts or functions within Python to control Dymola opens up a wide range of possibilities. For an infrequent user of Dymola, being able to gain all the results from Dymola without needing to even open Dymola can reduce complexity and the need to learn another software tool in depth. It will also improve efficiency.

With Dymola being used within many large CAE groups, a lot of people benefit from a smaller group of core Dymola developers. We have helped our customers by creating specialised GUI’s to suit their needs. They can manage, improve and update their subject specific models while only needing the users to understand a simple, subject specific GUI.

We can tailor training to suit your needs and regularly append advanced topics, such as Python interface training, onto the introduction to Dymola and Modelica. If you are specifically interested to develop a Python interface for your CAE team then we help in multiple ways.

We can work with you and your models in a workshop following the training to get your project going in the direction you want. Or can work with you on your specific project and help develop your GUI for your team.

For information on this or any other training, please get in touch.

Written by: David Briant – Project Engineer

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