Energy Engineering Magazine Interview Managing Director of Claytex – Competitive Edge

Modelling and simulation throughout the design cycle

Steve Welch, Managing Editor of Energy Engineering Magazine, interviewed Mike Dempsey, Managing Director of Claytex.

Mike Dempsey explains that Claytex customers will typically use modelling and simulation throughout the design cycle. “With physical modelling even at the concept stage you can look at putting together a schematic architecture of the system to figure out exactly how the different parts need to work”, he says. “As you move through the design cycle and get into more detail you can replace simple models with much higher-fidelity versions. You would apply modelling all the way through the validation cycle: a model can be made to run in real time to test the control systems are doing what they are meant to be doing without having to have a physical vehicle present.”

View the full article here: Competitive Edge

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