Dymola 2015 FD01 Available

Dassault Systemes have announced the availability of a new version of Dymola. The key highlights of the Dymola 2015 FD01 release are:

  • Full support for FMI 2.0
  • Multi-core support enabling 2-3 times faster simulation for certain kinds of models
  • Integration with Java, Python and Javascript
  • Available for Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Linux. Supports both 32 and 64 bit versions.

New Features Available

  • Terrain Server Library that integrates the rFactor Pro HD Terrain Server with the Dymola Vehicle Dynamics Library allowing the same high fidelity point cloud data used in driving simulators to be used in offline simulation within Dymola
  • RegressionTest Tool that automates the checking and regression testing of Modelica libraries using Dymola. See here for more details.

Major Library Updates

The following libraries have received major updates:

  • ​Fuel Cell Library has a new flexible modelling structure for both external and internal manifolds
  • Heat Exchanger Library now includes support for moist air and condensation on the ambient side of the heat exchanger
  • Hydraulics Library has an improved package structure with many component enhancements and improved documentation
  • Thermal Power Library now includes the ability to model sub-cool and super-heat
  • Vapor Cycle Library now includes an example of the Organic Rankine Cycle.
  • Vehicle Dynamics Library now includes the Pacejka ’94 contact force model and new experiments
  • Engines Library has new and improved fluid components for modelling the intake and exhaust systems
  • Simulator Library has been restructured and now includes the new Terrain Server Library and includes improvements to the ground contact models
  • VDLMotorsports Library has more adjustments in the suspension models and new sequential setup experiments

For more information please see the Dymola 2015 FD01 Release Notes.

Customers with a valid support and maintenance agreement can download the new version of Dymola, please contact Claytex to obtain a download link.


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