PTV UK & Ireland – User Group Innovation Day – 12th November 2018, London

The PVT Group will be running their User Group Innovation Day on 12th November 2018 taking place in St Paul’s, London.

Claytex are delighted to announce that our Managing Director, Mike Dempsey, has been invited to present at the event; Virtual testing of CAVs with traffic and vehicle simulation

The User Group Innovation Day event offers a day of thought-provoking presentations and interactive workshops followed by a week of training courses.

PTV UK & Ireland - User Group Innovation Day

Today, many cities are congested. People and businesses are affected by inefficient traffic and transport, while the pressure to save time and money increases.

The demand for mobility is growing worldwide. The technological advancements of autonomous vehicles and the rising popularity of the sharing economy is dramatically changing mobility, as we know it today. (PVT Group, 2018)

In order to attend the event, please register here

For more information about the training courses please visit: PVT Vision Courses

You can access the complete event’s agenda for presentation details, here


If you have any questions or to book a meeting with our Managing Director on the day, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Telephone: +44 1926 885900


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