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Dymola is a modelling and simulation tool, used for model based design of complex engineering systems. Dymola fully supports the open standard Modelica modelling language and the FMI standard for model exchange.  There is an extensive library of multi-domain Modelica libraries.

Reqtify for requirements traceability

Reqtify enables the automated traceability of requirements across multiple engineering tools to help improve project quality and achieve certification standards.  It is the most effective solution for linking requirements to the development, verification and validation process whatever the requirement source.

rFpro logo

rFpro is software for driving simulation that is design to enable professional test drivers and engineers to test drive their vehicles in simulation.  It provide high fidelity track models with the fastest video pipeline and works with vehicle models from all major tool vendors.

VeSyMA is a suite of Modelica libraries for Vehicle Systems Modelling and Analysis.  Focused on automotive and motorsport applications it includes solutions for engine, powertrain and vehicle dynamics modelling and simulation.  The libraries are developed by Claytex and are compatible with Dymola.

The FMI Blockset provides support for the Functional Mock-up Interface (“FMI”) open standard in Simulink and Microsoft Excel. This means that models that are compiled by third party tools such as Dymola, CATIA Systems and many more can be imported and used in Simulink and Excel.

The RegressionTest Tool for Dymola has been developed for library developers to help them improve the quality of library releases. It provides automated routines for checking Modelica models, generating reference results and running regression tests.

ControlBuild provides an innovative environment for designing and validating critical control software applications. Based on a model-driven approach and supported by a structured set of libraries, ControlBuild is used to efficiently model, simulate, test, validate and deploy IEC 61131-3 control applications.

AUTOSAR Builder is a flexible and powerful solution for the development and the verification of automotive electrical and electronic systems and the associated embedded software according to the AUTOSAR standards and concepts. It is an open and flexible AUTOSAR development environment.


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