Energy Engineering Magazine Feature Claytex – LCV2017 Show Preview

Energy Engineering Magazine, in their 10th Low Carbon Vehicle Special Edition – show preview – feature Claytex.

Simulation and virtual testing of the complete vehicle

Virtual testing delivers cost reduction and accelerates development by addressing the challenging systems integration tasks arising from increased complexity.

The increasing levels of automation due to ADAS and fully autonomous vehicles is driving a need for more virtual testing and these tests need to cover the behaviour and interaction of all the vehicle systems.  Claytex has been working on solutions to meet these needs together with our partners rFpro and Dassault Systemes.

rFpro is being used for driving simulation by 6 of the top 10 OEMs as well as many smaller OEMs and T1s for Virtual Test programmes of vehicles, subsystems, ADAS and Autonomous control systems.  From its origins in Formula 1, rFpro has evolved the solution to meet the needs of OEMs for both driving simulation and virtual testing of autonomous systems.  There is now an extensive library of tracks and public roads enabling the testing of vehicle systems including the integration of sensor models into the virtual environment.

Dymola, from Dassault Systemes, provides a component orientated approach to modelling and simulation that can cover every aspect of the vehicle.  The new VeSyMA suite of solutions, from Claytex, provides a platform for vehicle modelling enabling the physical behaviour and interactions of all the vehicle systems to be modelled including the engine, electric motors, battery, cooling systems, vehicle dynamics, air-conditioning systems, etc.  Vehicle models based on VeSyMA can be easily integrated into rFpro and coupled to either control system models or the real controllers using HiL integrations.

The combination of rFpro and vehicle models developed in Dymola enables virtual testing on a variety of roads, test-tracks, under variable lighting and weather conditions. The rFpro environment enables the vehicle sensors and driver to be fully immersed into the test scenario.

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