rFpro support and custom development services

rFpro Physics Model

We have been creating and optimising vehicle models to work with rFpro for over 10 years.  Our preferred vehicle dynamics tool is Dymola as it allows us to create MultiBody vehicle dynamics models that run in real-time and also allows us to incorporate other vehicle physics such as thermal management, powertrain, etc.

Autonomous Vehicle Simulators

We have already built rFpro simulators for companies developing autonomous vehicles.  These systems typically consist of multiple PCs to emulate the vehicle physics and sensor models.  They can either run the AI software as HiL or SiL.

Driving Simulators

Claytex have helped a number of companies with their rFpro driving simulators from basic workstations through to full motion systems.  We can help you setup the system and provide training to make sure you get the most from your simulator.

Sensor modelling

For autonomous vehicle development the sensors are the key to allow the AI software to understand the environment.  Claytex develops sensor models as plugins for rFpro with the objective that the output messages from the sensor model should appear to be exactly the same as the real device.

rFpro configuration

Managing the configuration of an rFpro system that has to switch easily between different vehicle programs can be difficult due to the large number of settings.  Claytex is developing tools and processes to help ease this task and provide simple ways to update the system configuration across multiple PCs.

Knowledge Transfer

When setting up projects an important aspect is to make sure your engineers and ours work together as a team to deliver the solution.  As well as ensuring the systems work as intended we also aim to educate your engineers throughout the project to make sure they fully understand the products and can work independently.


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