Dymola 2015 Released

Dassault Systemes have announced the availability of a new version of Dymola. The key highlights of the Dymola 2015 release are:

Standardisation and Integration

  • Dymola is fully Modelica compliant and tested against the official Modelica test suite.
  • Tool chain integration is easier and more powerful than ever. Using the new Java and Python scripting interfaces, it is possible to control Dymola to run simulations, plot results and much more.
  • Dymola supports both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms on Windows and Linux
  • Support of FMI 2.0 Release Candidate 1 and FMI 1.0

Modelling and simulation

  • Improved model creation from existing components handles global data and parameter propagation automatically. This makes it more convenient than ever to reuse existing design patterns.

New model library

  • The new Flight Dynamics library is used for flight load analysis, control law design, mission simulation and aircraft design analysis.

Major Library Updates

  • The following libraries have received major updates:
    • FlexBody Library – new mechanism to control state selection improving simulation speed
    • Heat Exchanger Library – new fin geometries, enhancements to the flat tube HX and a new range of test benches
    • Hydraulics Library – added thermo-hydraulic effects
    • Hydro Power Library – a new surge tank model and improved simulation speed
    • Powertrain Dynamics Library – improved models for performance and drive cycle analysis
    • Simulator Library – improved steering filter and added new options to generate result files in real-time
    • Thermal Power Library – new discretised pipe model and improved wall model
    • Vapor Cycle Library – new components include a pump, turbine, splits and junctions.
    • Vehicle Dynamics Library – supports the TYDEX tyre interface and Delft-tyre family of tyre models
    • VDLMotorsports Library – improvements to the setup experiments to improve robustness and reduce simulation time and added more suspension adjustments

For more information please see the Dymola 2015 Highlights and the full Dymola Release Notes_2015

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