Simulating the 2014 Formula 1 car

In 2014, the Formula 1 technical regulations changed and they introduced a small capacity V6 turbocharged engine with energy recovery systems (ERS). The ERS consists of two electric motor-generators: one is attached to the turbocharger shaft; and the second is attached to the crankshaft. The power rating and energy recovery and deployment limits are defined in the technical regulations as is the maximum fuel flow rate for the engine. The implementation, control and optimal usage of these systems is influenced by many factors that need to be understood before arriving at the first race.

Using Dymola it is possible to create a complete model of the 2014 specification Formula 1 car that can study all aspects of the performance and behaviour. This includes studying the cooling requirements, optimal control of the motor-generators, strategies to deliver the best lap time and race time and training in the simulators. Claytex have produced a white paper, that can be downloaded using the link below, to highlight this capability of Dymola and the various model libraries and options required to achieve this.

Download the white paper here.


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