Dymola 7.4 is released to customers

Dassault Systemes has announced the release of Dymola 7.4 and it is available now for download from the Dymola website. Dymola 7.4 features a number of new libraries and enhancements. For full details please see the release notes that are included in the installation:

  • Support for FMI (Functional Mock-up Interface) from the ITEA2 Modelisar Project
    • Dymola models can be compiled to be FMI compliant
    • FMI compliant models can be imported in to Dymola
    • Simulink models can be compiled using RTW to be FMI compliant
  • Improved simulation speed by utilising sparse Jacobian handling
    • Many models of the Air Conditioning library run 2-6 times faster in Dymola 7.4
  • New interfaces available for Dymola and the following SIMULIA products:
    • Abaqus
    • Isight
    • Execution Engine (formerly called Fiper)
  • New Hydraulics library
    • Redesigned connectors compliant with Modelica 3.0 balanced model concepts
    • Improved oil models and many redesigned components
    • New Hydraulic Element add-on library available for beta testing, please Claytex if you are interested in participating in this trial
  • New Engines library available for beta testing, please contact Claytex if you are interested in participating in this trial
  • The FlexBody library now supports Abaqus in addition to Nastran and Genesis
  • Minor updates to the Modelica, VDLMotorsports, Pneumatics, Modelica_LinearSystems2 and Design libraries


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