STC Annual Conference – 25th January 2018 – Silverstone UTC

Claytex will be presenting at the STC Annual Conference taking place at the Silverstone UTC.

The Silverstone Technology Cluster showcase conference will serve to highlight the capabilities in the cluster, as well as signposting the technological developments and requirements at global majors as well as leading sector focussed organisations. STC Annual Conference

A Member of the Silverstone Technology Cluster

Managing Director of Claytex, Mike Dempsey, will be presenting on the creation of a virtual test environment for autonomous vehicles. STC Annual Conference

Many OEMs and technology companies are promising the availability of autonomous vehicles on the roads in the next few years, including the UK government industrial strategy saying that they want them on the road by 2021. These trends present some huge challenges to the engineers tasked with designing, developing and testing of these vehicles to make sure they function safely. STC Annual Conference

With the complexity of the next generation vehicles it will be hardly practical, within the time frames proposed, to carry out comprehensive physical testing of all the vehicle systems. Rand Corporation did some research and came up with the figure of 5 billion miles as the distance an autonomous car needs to drive before we can have the statistical confidence that it is safe. It is not practical to drive that far, so simulation is going to be necessary to support the physical testing and validation of autonomous vehicles. STC Annual Conference

Using rFpro and Dymola we can create virtual test environments and have full control of weather, lighting, traffic scenarios and pedestrians. Simulation will also allow us to quickly move from city test scenarios to motorways and to different locations around the world without having to drive between them. This will compress the number of virtual miles we need to test. STC Annual Conference

virtual testing of autonomous vehicles

We would like to invite you to our presentation at the STC conference to learn more. STC Annual Conference

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