AESIN Tech Talk – 9th February 2023

Managing Director of Claytex, Mike Dempsey, will be presenting at the first AESIN Tech Talk of 2023, taking place virtually.

The Automotive Electronic Systems Innovation Network (AESIN) is a member-based community committed to create the next generation of UK-centric automotive electronics technologies and supply chains; leading thought and impact for ingenious, sustainable, efficient, safe, and resilient mobility through the innovative application of electronics systems.

Presentation: Autonomous Vehicle testing in a sensor realistic virtual environment.  12:00 – 12:30 GMT

Summary: It’s essential that we can test our ADAS and AV systems on a wide range of scenarios covering nominal, critical and edge cases. However, for this to be useful to support a safety case the simulation environment needs to provide high fidelity, explainable, sensor models. We will discuss the sensor models for camera, radar and LiDAR sensors and how they can be used to test an ADAS or AV system and identify failure modes.  The focus is on how to prove the system is safe using simulation.

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