Getting started: running and plotting results

To run a model:

Make sure you have selected the model you wish to run in the package browser, do this by double clicking on the model. The name of the selected model will appear in the title bar at the top of the Dymola window.

Dymola modelling view

The next step is to select the simulation window by clicking on the simulation tab in the bottom right hand corner of the Dymola window.

Now we can click on the bouncing ball button in the task bar or select simulate from the Simulation menu.

Dymola Simulation Mode

Plotting the results:

To plot the results we need lo locate the variable or parameter of interest within the Variable Browser.

Create a new plot window if one isn’t available. This can be done by selecting Plot > New Plot Window.

To locate the variables within the Variable Browser the tree must be expanded. Once you have found the variable just select the tick bock adjacent to the variable name and the value will be plotted in the active plot window.

For models having high level numbers of heirarchy, it might help to locate the desired plotting variables by locating the component which contains them. Select Window > View > Diagram. Now you can navigate the diagram (right click and select Show Component to dive down into the subsystems) until the component containing the variables of interest is locate. At this point you can right click on the component and select Show Variables. The Variable Browser will now have homed in on the part of the variable tree relevant to that component.

In Advanced you can limit the displayed variables by typing the full name or part of the name of the variable within the Search Filter then pressing Enter


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