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Suppliers of automotive companies face challenging business conditions in supporting their partners. Vehicles and technology are becoming ever more complicated and integrated, and consequently harder to develop. Uncertainty hangs over the traditional product development life cycle, as electrification technology rapidly progresses. Embracing Dymola’s abilities as a multi-physics and multi-domain simulation tool, equipped with vehicle system-level simulation libraries from Claytex, offers the solution to these challenges.

A flexible approach and a degree of technological agnosticism have always been the hallmark of successful suppliers. Modern times demand so much flexibility however, that engineers at the core of the value adding process need multifunctional tools, capable of supporting a much wider range of technological domains than they traditionally have covered.

electric & hybrid vehicle technology magazine – July 2023 Issue

Such simulations are known as system-level simulations. Recreating the entire vehicle as a system the product being deployed within is the objective. Contrast this to other common forms of simulation where a component is modelled in isolation, with assumed boundary conditions. Rather than rely on assumptions, with system-level simulation a component’s boundary conditions are computed with accuracy as the cumulative effects of the system are considered.

Incorporating representative boundary conditions, the quality of the detailed component level simulation improves. Knowledge that previously would have required costly and time-consuming physical prototype testing to acquire. Design of Experiments type studies using system level simulation can be used to generate accurate boundary conditions like loads, which can feed into detailed component specific studies, such as FEA.

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