Claytex and rFpro Extend Partnership

Claytex and rFpro have extended their partnership with Claytex becoming a reseller of rFpro solutions and the introduction of a new solution for Dymola.

New Partnership

Claytex has become a reseller of rFpro software.

This new partnership enables Claytex to provide our customers with a high level of service within the product chain.

New Product

TerrainServer Library for Dymola

For years, Claytex has been using Dymola to build vehicle dynamics models for use with rFpro and we have supplied these solutions to Formula 1, NASCAR and IndyCar. The new product, TerrainServer Library for Dymola, enables the rFpro TerrainServer to be used to provide track data to a simulation running in Dymola.  This new library provides direct access to the TerrainServer within Dymola.  This means offline simulations can now use the same track data as the driver-in-the-loop simulator including the full HD point cloud data.  The TerrainServer Library also includes a new driver model that has been designed to follow a recorded racing line and speed profile to allow detailed offline investigations into the vehicle behaviour.

“TerrainServer Library for Dymola will improve the consistency between the offline simulations and driver-in-the-loop testing”. Mike Dempsey, Managing Director – Claytex

“As many of our clients are already using Dymola for their vehicle modelling, with support and libraries from Claytex, rFpro is delighted that Claytex has become a reseller partner as our complementary technologies can now offer customers new opportunities to develop their vehicle dynamics studies through one integrated virtual environment”. Chris Hoyle, Technical Director – rFpro

About Claytex

Claytex is an engineering consultancy specialised in Systems Engineering. Our core competency is in the modelling and simulation of complex multi-domain systems, such as road and off-road vehicles, aircraft and marine vessels, using Dymola and Modelica.

Claytex is a specialist partner for Dassault Systèmes software solutions, including Dymola, Reqtify, CATIA V6, AUTOSAR Builder and ControlBuild. Since 1999, Claytex has been working for some of the world’s most respected Automotive, Motorsport/F1, Aerospace, Marine and Energy companies on a global basis.

For further information please contact Mahdieh Mehrabi on +44 1926 885900 or

About rFpro

rFpro is a specialist software company that has developed driver-in-the-loop simulators for vehicle dynamics applications, offering the fastest video and audio pipelines, an architecture for soft-real-time model execution and an optically correct off-platform vision system optimised for motion profiles suited to ride and handling development. This specialised area of driver-in-the-loop simulation is all about closing the loop through the driver and the vehicle model as quickly as possible while delivering a high quality and immersive environment.

To deliver complete DIL simulators for the engineering development of vehicle dynamics, and the control systems and active safety systems that affect vehicle dynamics, rFpro works in partnership with motion platform providers such as McLaren, Ansible Motion and MOOG. The company’s products can wrap around vehicle models from all the popular modelling environments including Dymola.




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