MOTORSPORT Our modelling and simulation solutions are applied in Formula 1, NASCAR, and many other series to help win races. Built on Modelica, they are used in the design office, at the track and in the simulator

Complete vehicle model

Dymola has an extensive library of Modelica model libraries, covering every vehicle system, that can be easily coupled together

Use predictive models

Modelica models are based on physics which means they can predict the behaviour from the early stages of the design process

Proven on track

Used in Formula 1, NASCAR, IndyCar and many other race series to improve the car and win championships

Real-time capable models

Dymola can export complex multi-domain models that run in real-time to support HiL and DiL based testing and development on multiple platforms

Use in the Simulator

Models can be easily integrated with driving simulators based on rFpro and related motion platforms

Use models at the track

Dymola supports many different export methods that allow models to be deployed to race engineers in a user friendly way and integrated with telemetry

Build with open standards

Using the open standards of Modelica and FMI frees up your models to work in multiple tools

MultiBody vehicle dynamics

Full MultiBody suspension models with physical adjustments such as shim thickness changes that run in real-time

Open and extendible

Models in Dymola are open so you can understand what they do and how.  They can be easily adapted to test new ideas and concepts



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