Claytex, Winner of 2020 T-TRIG Government Funded Project

The Department for Transport’s Office for Science will be supporting 23 research and innovation projects through the 2020 Transport-Technology Research and Innovation Grants Programme (T-TRIG). This programme, delivered by the Connected Places Catapult, is now in its seventh year and since 2014 has provided £6m of grants to support over 190 projects, from across the breadth of the transport technology spectrum.

SAVAir – Safe Autonomous Vehicles at Airports 

Claytex have been involved in the development of simulators for autonomous vehicles for the past 5 years. Our work has focused on passenger car applications and building sensor realistic simulations.  This means that the simulation environment looks real to all the different sensors on the car – camera, LiDAR, radar, and more. Our simulators use a scenario based testing approach that helps the AI teams develop, test and validate their algorithms. 

With the SAVAir project, we will transfer this technology to the airport environment and focus on the development of a virtual driving test for an autonomous baggage tug. The driving test will require the AV to safely manoeuvre through the dynamic, evolving airport scene, to verify that the system is safe to deploy, efficient, and capable of completing the mission effectively.  We are developing an adaptive test manager that defines the next test run based on the performance of the AV so far. This will mean the test sequence changes so that it is able to challenge the AV and cover the complete risk space as the vehicle drives from inside the terminal building, where it collects bags, to the aircraft standing on the other side of the airport.   

With this project we are focused on what an operator requires from an AV and how the operator, whether that is the airport authority, airline or ground service provider, can test a system and approve it for use in their environment.  

Please feel free to contact us to get more information about the SAVAir project and ways we could help you with similar projects.

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