Claytex will be exhibiting at the Instrumentation, Analysis, and Testing Exhibition – Silverstone on stand No. 8, 06/03/12

Claytex will be exhibition at the Instrumentation, Analysis and Testing Exhibition on stand 8 at Silverstone on the 06/03/12.  Please come and discuss how Dymola physical modeling and simulation software will aid your engineering process.

Find out how physical modeling and simulation can reduce the time and cost of product development. By using a cutting-edge modeling and simulation tool such as Dymola, you can help your engineering team enhance the new product to market lifecycle, and optimise product performance, robustness and reliability.

At the exhibition, meet our experts to discuss Dymola’s HIL / SIL simulation capabilities, model reuse, and discover more about the comprehensive model libraries that includes:

  • PowerTrain Library: Allowing the prediction of vehicle performance, fuel economy and driveability
  • Vehicle Dynamics Library: Used by our customers to simulate vehicles dynamics behavior and handling.
  • Smart Electric Drive Library: ideal for simulation of hybrid electrical vehicles and new alternative concepts with electrical auxiliaries

For more information on the event and directions, please follow the link below:

We look forward to meeting with you.


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