MultiRun tool for Dymola

The Multirun tool is built on our in-house regression test solution for Dymola and Modelica models. It enables the parallel simulation of multiple Dymola models on one PC so that the impact of changes in a model can be quickly assessed across the full suite of experiments you use to assess the system behaviour.

Simply load the Modelica library that contains the experiments you want to simulate and then select the ones to be used.  Select the reference data and click start.  Multirun will then run multiple instances of Dymola in the background to translate and simulate the models as fast as possible by taking advantage of every CPU core available on your machine.  After simulation, the new results are compared to the reference results and changes highlighted in the user interface for easy review.

Integrates with Dymola

Uses Dymola to run simulations of multiple Modelica models in parallel taking advantage of multiple CPU’s

Automated results comparison

Automatically compares simulation results to a reference set and highlights where differences occur.  By default it compares state variables but it can be customised to compare any accessible variable.

Fast evaluation of model changes

Quickly gather results to understand the impact of a model change across numerous experiments and highlight what the differences are

Build a database of reports and results

The tool creates a database of results on the file system with reports that track the result versions used for both the new results and reference data


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