New in Reqtify 2012-2a – Modelica Code Interface

New in Reqtify 2012-2a is an interface for Modelica code, meaning Modelica source files produced by a Modelica tool, such as Dymola, can be analysed by Reqtify.  The inbuilt Modelica Type imports all the standard classes from Dymola into Reqtify; such as packages, models, blocks, functions, etc.  To add coverage statements to link a Dymola models to a requirement:

  • In Reqtify, right-click on the requirement, select Copy For > Modelica URL Reference.

  • In Dymola, go to the Documentation layer of the model and change to the Info Editor view. Paste the cover link from Reqtify into the model documentation.
  • This creates a hyperlink in the model documentation which has the requirement name.  Selecting this link will navigate to the requirement in Reqtify.

More details on the Modelica interface can be found in the Reqtify 2012-2a coupling notes for Modelica and Dymola.  Also see the Modelica coupling example delivered with Reqtify.  This example demonstrates how Dymola models can be included in a Reqtify project to validate requirements; the following figures are taken from this example.



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