What’s New in Reqtify 2012-2a

Reqtify is a requirement engineering tool, which allows requirements to be captured from any source to perform traceability and impact analysis across the entire project lifecycle.  The latest Reqtify release includes a number of new features and interfaces, as well as updates and fixes.  Some of the highlights are:

  • Graphical information can now be saved in a filter.  Information such as column widths, sort criteria and sort order in Requirement Detail view or document position and size in the Graphical View.

Figure showing graphical info filter option

  • Searching within Reqtify has been improved by allowing the search scope to be specified.
  • New interfaces have been added for the TestLink tool and Modelica code files.
  • Reqtify now supports ENOVIA Requirements Central V6R2013X.  A number of improvements have been made to the ENOVIA Requirements Central interface.  Multi-value attributes can now be exported to Requirement Central.  Attributes can be exported depending on their type definition and a Policy can be selected for each type exported.  Also, it is now possible to import from Requirement Central without directly using the Reqtify GUI.

Figure showing iImport menu in Requirements Central

  • DOORS 9.4 is now support. When exporting to DOORS external links are now transferred.
  • Reqtify 2012-2a now supports TortoiseSVN 1.7.
  • The ReqIF interface supports rich text with tables.
  • The latest Bugzilla interface supports profile connections.


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