Papers and Presentations at the 13th International Modelica Conference 2019

From the 4th to the 6th of March, Claytex attended the 13th International Modelica Conference in Regensburg, Germany.

We arrived on the Sunday, ready to set up our stand on the next day at the conference venue, Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule (Eastbavarian Technical University).

13th Modelica Conference venue
13th Modelica Conference venue

By lunchtime delegates were streaming in via the reception desk and the bustle was increasing. The Modelica Conference is always an excellent opportunity to meet face to face with other library developers, Modelica users and of course Dassault Systèmes colleagues with whoom we interact virtually most of the year on customer projects and Dymola and Modelica library development themes.

Claytex Stand at the 13th Modelica Conference
Claytex stand setup complete!

Throughout the 3 days Mike Dempsey and I attended tutorials, mainly on FMI, and some paper presentation sessions which contained subject material of interest including fluids modelling, vehicle dynamics, thermal management and real-time applications.

Our vendor session on Day 1 was well attended. We showcased our products and their seamless integration which forms a complete tool chain for developing and testing automotive vehicles.

Vendor Session Presentation – Modelica and FMI Solutions from Claytex: New features in VeSyMA for modelling and deployment of simulation models

On Day 2 James Jeffs presented the work he’d completed as part of his PhD at WMG with support from ourselves and JLR. The work focussed on thermal management strategies for EVs for multi-source/sink heat pump systems.

System level heat pump model for investigations into thermal management of electric vehicles at low temperatures.

On Day 3 we had two paper presentations:

Fault Insertion for Controller Calibration in a Range of Engine Models

Virtual Proving Ground Testing: Deploying Dymola and Modelica to recreate Full Vehicle Proving Ground Testing Procedures

…and of the presentations we managed to attend, I found the following two of particular interest:

Towards Hard Real-Time Simulation of Complex Fluid Networks

Dirk Zimmer presented the above paper where the modified fluid connectors and formulation of the equations can be used for unidirectional flow. The gains essentially are removal of the non-linear systems of equations and reduction in the number of state variables, both contributing to a more robust and faster integration, particularly for real time applications where we need to guarantee a specific turnaround time for each time step.

Enhanced Motion Control of a Self-Driving Vehicle Using Modelica, FMI and ROS

An interesting application for autonomous transportation vehicles for warehouses and the reduction in turning friction on the currents drawn from the battery by the electric motor which can increase the range of the vehicle.

The complete set of papers and abstracts can be found here.

Written by: Alessandro Picarelli – Engineering Director

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