The 15th International Modelica Conference – 9th to 11th October 2023 – Aachen, Germany

Claytex will exhibit and present at the 15th International Modelica Conference, organised by The institute for Energy Efficient Buildings and Indoor Climate, RWTH Aachen University. The event runs from 9th to 11th October 2023 in cooperation with the Modelica Association.

The Modelica Conference is the main event for users, library developers, tool vendors and language designers to share their knowledge and learn about the latest scientific and industrial progress related to ModelicaFMISSP, and DCP. The programme will cover modelling of complex physical and cyber-physical systems, as well as tools for a wide range of research and industrial applications.

In addition to paper presentations, the conference features several Modelica tutorials for beginners and advanced users, as well as industrial user presentations, vendor sessions, and an exhibition of the conferences’ sponsors.

You can find the preliminary schedule here.

Meet with Claytex

On our stand, we will be showcasing our new range of Modelica Libraries including the complete VeSyMA suite of solutions. Our team will be presenting a paper at this year’s conference.


Race Car Cooling System Model for Real Time use in a Driving Simulator

Abstract: Powertrain performance optimization is one of main targets in racecar and road hypercar development. A key activity needed for both endothermal and electric powertrains is the cooling system sizing through simulation to make sure that the temperature limits are not exceeded in the most aggressive conditions minimizing or avoiding power derating. This article describes the implementation of a 1D cooling system simulation model integrated with a vehicle multibody model to be used in real time in the Dallara dynamic driving simulator with human driver. This activity is the result of a collaboration between Dallara which uses the model implemented to develop and optimize the cooling system architecture of its vehicles, and Claytex who develop the libraries used to generate these simulation models. The model has been validated through comparison with real data of an existing vehicle yielding a RMSE of 0.99 °C.

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