Future Propulsion Conference 2022 – 2nd & 3rd March, National Motorcycle Museum

Claytex exhibit and present at the Future Propulsion Conference 2022; Virtualising Durability Studies For The New Era Of Vehicle Propulsion.

The Future Propulsion Conference is an annual two day UK event created to bring together industry and academic experts within the powertrain development field. It will open up presentations and discussions on the solutions to the challenges faced by the engineering industry in the UK and internationally over the next ten years.

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On our stand, we will be showcasing our range of Systems Engineering Solutions including Dymola, VeSyMA and rFpro.

Presentation: Virtualising Durability Studies For The New Era Of Vehicle Propulsion

Day 2: Session 7 – Systems Simulation & Integration10:00 to 11:30

Abstract – With increasing costs of durability testing, both financially and environmentally, and the new era of vehicle propulsion approaching fast. The institutional knowledge and conventional testing regimes developed over decades are rapidly becoming outdated. 

The introduction of vehicle durability simulations from the start of development onwards greatly improves the programme’s efficiency, reducing the requirement for millions of miles of durability testing each year. Virtually testing the next generation of propulsion systems gains previously inaccessible analysis of data to aid design choices without committing valuable resources to long term investigations. 

This presentation will focus on the development and implementation of the first-of-its-kind durability simulation for a leading international car manufacturer; how the data gathered from simulation was used to refine designs, choose parts, and identify potential failure points before prototype manufacturing commenced. 

It will also go into detail as to what accuracy was expected when using varying levels of detail and amounts of data supplied. How early in development, what limited data can be used to generate data that can help guide design choices; then, once layouts or designs have been chosen, data can be gathered to help optimise components; then finalising and signing off designs by undertaking a high-fidelity analysis of the full system. 

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Future Powertrain Conference 2022

FPC2022 Seminar Programme

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