Claytex Launches AVSandbox, Autonomous Vehicle Simulation Solution

Press Release

Leamington Spa, UK
June 21st, 2022 

Claytex, a TECHNIA Company, and a world-leading consultancy, developer and distributor of modeling and simulation solutions for systems engineering announced today it has launched AVSandbox, an autonomous vehicle simulation solution. 

AVSandbox is breaking boundaries, enabling automotive manufacturers to test, develop and deploy AV solutions into the real world without compromising on safety.

During their 24-year history in systems engineering, Claytex, a TECHNIA Company, has generated an abundance of successful IP on the foundation of their world-leading skills. The company have been working on simulation technology for autonomous vehicles since 2016, building on 7 prior years of work with full-motion driving simulators for Formula 1 and NASCAR. 

Their latest innovation, AVSandbox, is a comprehensive, advanced simulation solution designed to help vehicle manufacturers work toward inherent safety by design for autonomous vehicles. The AVSandbox team have close ties with government regulatory bodies, working together to identify the standards which will shape international autonomous vehicle regulations. 

“With simulation, we can put autonomous vehicles into all types of edge cases – high-risk situations – to see what they’ll do, how they’ll handle it. We’ve got to have the simulation technology that allows us to fully immerse the autonomous vehicle, with all its sensor suite, into these complex environments. It’s this type of testing that we’re using within the D-Risk project to help create a virtual driving test for AVs.” 

Mike Dempsey
Managing Director | Claytex, a TECHNIA Company

“The advances in, and number of, autonomous vehicles are projected to increase steadily in the coming years. To prepare for the future of safer and more sustainable mobility, we have to get a better understanding of the ethical issues and legal regulations that are still in development. The only viable way to do this is through the advanced simulation of autonomous vehicles.” 

Magnus Falkman
Chief Executive Officer | TECHNIA

About Claytex 

Claytex, a TECHNIA company, and a consultancy, developer and distributor of modeling and simulation solutions for systems engineering. We focus on simulating the dynamics of how systems behave and interact, leveraging the open standards of Modelica and FMI. 

We deliver exceptional tools at the cutting edge of vehicle simulation. With over 20 years of system simulation experience in the Motorsport sector, we know that no single challenge is the same. So, we apply an adaptable, flexible, and solution-oriented approach, empowering our customers to achieve their technical and business objectives. 

In 2009, we partnered with rFpro to provide integrations with our vehicle models for use in Driver-in-the-Loop simulators in motorsport. This partnership now covers the distribution of rFpro; Modelica libraries to interface vehicle models to rFpro; and the development of sensor models to support the virtual testing of autonomous vehicles. 

We have been partners to Dassault Systèmes for over a decade, offering the full suite of DYMOLA products alongside our own libraries under the VeSyMA brand, supplemented by expert training and support. 


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