SERVICES As a consultancy, there are many ways that Claytex can help you get the most from your simulation tools, models and processes

Modelica modelling

Take advantage of our expertise in Modelica to create models of your products.  Claytex have been working with Dymola and Modelica for 20 years and have helped build models of fuel systems, cooling systems, cars, aircraft, buildings, batteries, and much more.

We can help you get started faster and create more efficient models with Dymola and Modelica.

rFpro Simulators

We can help you build and integrate rFpro simulators for the development of ADAS and Autonomous vehicles.  After integrating physics models into rFpro driving simulators we have recently started to build static simulators of autonomous vehicles.  This includes the integration of sensor models, AI software and hardware as well as configuration and test automation tools.

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Reqtify integration

Introducing Reqtify into your development process can be done quickly and efficiently with the right help to integrate it fully into your processes.  Connections to existing tools often need customisation to read the data formats already in use and we can help create these custom types.

Making adjustments to the development process can also help realise the full potential of Reqtify.

FMI Tool development

We have an in-depth knowledge of the FMI Standard having created multiple commercial FMI based tools.  This includes integrations with Simulink, Excel as well as our new Cloud simulation platform.  Using this knowledge we can help embed FMI support into your own tools and processes.

Sensor modelling

We can create device specific sensor models leveraging our knowledge of rFpro and existing sensor modelling toolkit.  Claytex have been building radar, LiDAR, ultrasound, camera, GPS and other plugins for rFpro for the past few years and have significant library of code we can build on.  This is also a very active area of R&D for us to continually improve the models.

Connect your existing tools

Automating the tracing of information between tools in your existing tool chain allows you to improve product quality and achieve certification standards.  We can help smooth the integration by customising the Reqtify types used to read information from these various data sources.

Make simulation accessible

We can make simulation accessible to an audience of non-simulation experts by leveraging Dymola and our FMI solutions.  Using our FMI Blockset for Excel tool we can embed simulation models behind Excel spreadsheets.  Our cloud based simulation platform offers a more controlled way to make models accessible and allows custom user interfaces to be built to streamline the experience.

Knowledge Transfer

When setting up projects an important aspect is to make sure your engineers and ours work together as a team to deliver the solution.  As well as ensuring the systems work as intended we also aim to educate your engineers throughout the project to make sure they fully understand the products and can work independently.

Training Courses

We offer a range of training courses aimed at new and experienced users of Dymola, Reqtify and rFpro.  All the courses include hands-on experience working with the tools and offer an interactive learning experience.

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