Manufacturing and Engineering Magazine Feature Claytex – Supporting Innovation with Advanced Modelling and Simulation Solutions

A specialist in the modelling and simulation of complete systems, Claytex draws on multiple physics-based systems to provide customers with a clear systems overview.

Manufacturing and Engineering Magazine

Claytex was founded in 1998 and originally specialised in the use of Dymola for powertrain simulations, particularly in a consultative capacity. Over the years, the company developed into becoming an official distributor of Dymola systems in 2003, before later entering the motorsport sector through the delivery of bespoke modelling and simulation solutions. Within this field, the company quickly made a name for itself and has since branched out into offering a broad range of specialist modelling and simulation solutions to a number of industry verticals.

Where Claytex has always differed within the marketplace is in drawing on the different systems perspectives and simulations to provide a unified model for the customer. Able to combine mechanical systems with thermal systems, control systems, and more, Claytex’s modelling and simulation solutions provide clients with a clear view of how differing systems may interact. Ultimately, this works to provide customers with a way to fully test potential solutions and ways forward in a central and more easily maintained environment. Particular use cases of this include that of engineering practices within the EV market, with Claytex supporting the development of improved thermal energy management and vehicle efficiencies.

As of January, 2022, Claytex was acquired by TECHNIA, an industry-leading provider of product lifecycle management software, training, and consultancy. Under TECHNIA, the company has since flourished and branched out into new, growing markets while also growing the core business portfolio. Of particular note is the organisation’s entry into the autonomous vehicle space and the subsequent launch of AVSandbox, a new autonomous vehicle simulation service, in June, 2022.  So far, the service has received positive reception from the industry and is paving the way forward for continued commercial growth and expansion.

Commenting on the launch of the AVSandbox, Mike Dempsey, Managing Director of Claytex explained: “The next step for us is the AVSandbox product line which we launched in June. This moves things towards autonomous vehicle simulation and, while we still need to include all the physics of how a vehicle goes down the road, we also now need to simulate the radar models, cameras, and interaction with all the other vehicles and pedestrians going around the world. It shifts things from being about one vehicle to being about the whole system of traffic around the vehicle you’re interested in.”

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