Saving all your work with two simple shortcuts

Whilst we are developing models in Dymola we might like to be able to save all of our progress using keyboard shortcuts which do not disrupt our work flow. Up to and including Dymola 2015 FD01, the shortcut for “Save All” is Alt + F + A. This will save any unsaved changes in the model library structure and you will notice that the font of the model name within the library changes from red (unsaved changes) to black (changes are saved).

Saving all your work with two simple shortcuts_Images_2

From Dymola 2016 onwards, the shortcuts have changed to be better aligned with other tool command conventions. The new keyboard shortcut to execute the “Save All” command is Ctrl + Shift + S. It is recommended that the user verifies what shortcut changes have been made so that they can continue to experience expected behaviour from the software.

If within the package browser there are classes which have not yet been saved into an existing saved library, Dymola will come up with a pop-up window to ask the user where they would like to save the Modelica classes.

Many other shortcuts exist so it is useful when using the dropdown menus within Dymola to take note of shortcuts as it can make our modelling experience a more efficient one.

Within the Dymola User Manual Volume 1 (Help > Documentation), users can find a full list of available shortcuts for the particular version of Dymola they are using.


Written by: Alessandro Picarelli – Chief Engineer


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