Rail Live 2016 – 22 & 23 June – Long Marston, Warwickshire

Claytex will exhibit at the Rail Live 2016 organised by the Rail Alliance organisation.

At the 5th year of this highly anticipated show, the event will showcase the best range of products and services that meet the increasingly challenging needs of the rail sector with particular emphasis on best practice, ingenuity and the application of innovation.

Steve Featherstone, Track Programme Director at Network Rail said: “The railway is always evolving and as an organisation measured by performance, we need to embrace innovation and best practice in the rail sector. We are looking forward to Rail Live 2016, a well-established event that really does set out to address and meet industry challenges now and for the future.”

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Meet with Claytex

Stand: A8 – Indoor Rail Alliance Marquee

At the RailLive 2016 we will introduce solutions for model-based systems-engineering. The solutions we provide are used extensively in the Aerospace, Automotive, Energy and Motorsport industries including in Formula 1, NASCAR and IndyCar where they are industry standards, representing the state of the art. These technologies can potentially deliver savings in development time, testing overhead and improve quality. Furthermore, the tools provide the framework to achieve the programme management & interface/systems-integration goals alluded to by the McNulty report.

We are focusing on 3 aspects for Rail:

  • Requirements traceability throughout the development process using REQTIFY;
  • Modelling the physics of how the systems behave and interact using DYMOLA;
  • The development and generation of safety critical control software using CONTROLBUILD.

All these tools can be used together to provide a single authoritative model of the system, tracing information through the various tools and stages of development, providing full accountability, easy impact assessment & automated certification/reporting.

Success Stories

RATP is the major operator of Parisian public transports. They chose ControlBuild to develop a simulation environment dedicated to system qualification and integration.

Three targets were set: to cope with the continuous growth of traffic, to offer a modernized response to passengers’ expectations, and to optimize economic and environmental performance, with absolute respect for operating safety. As part of the Paris metro modernization program, RATP chose to develop a totally innovative metro management method: Ouragan. This new operating mode, founded on continuous inspection of train speeds, means that the interval between two trains can be reduced in complete safety, and more trains to be made available to passengers. The ControlBuild simulation environment was chosen because it provides an integral response to the stated objectives. RATP – ControlBuild Success Story

Alstom have used Reqtify to enable them to deploy a requirements engineering approach across all their projects.

As part of their transformation from a document driven engineering process to a model driven process, Reqtify has been introduced to provide the traceability graph on existing documents and highlight “holes” and process violations. It has improved production and maintainability of traceability evidences, and has been fully integrated into the development and validation environment. Alstom – Reqtify Success Story


If you have any questions or would like to book a meeting with us during the event, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Telephone: +44 1926 885900
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