Automotive Testing Technology International Feature Claytex – No more prototypes

Chris Pickering interviewed Alessandro Picarelli, Engineering Director of Claytex, for a special article he wrote for the November 2018 issue of the Automotive Testing Technology International Magazine; No more prototypes.

“Some of the biggest advances in recent years
have actually come in the interaction between
models running at different levels of detail”

Technologies such as electrification and advanced aftertreatment systems don’t just add more to simulate, they can also complicate the task of modeling existing processes. “We have to integrate more devices, such as electric motors, batteries and inverters with related cooling systems,” comments Alessandro Picarelli, engineering director at Claytex. “The capability already exists to model all of those components, but the tricky part is the development of the controllers that all have to work together.

Automotive Testing Technology International Feature Claytex - No more prototypes

Automotive Testing Technology International – November 2018 Issue

Plus, you’ve also got to ensure that the internal combustion engine still behaves in a representative manner. For instance, on a hybrid vehicle it is possible that the electric motor performance could be limited at low battery temperatures, so the combustion engine may need to compensate for that.” Read more


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