Installing application libraries from Claytex on Windows

This post is a quick guide for installing our Claytex application libraries on a Windows machine.

If you have been provided with a link for an installer for our libraries please download the installer onto your computer.

Please remember that any download link we send you will only be valid for 7 days so please download the installer within 7 days.

Please note that some of the libraries from Claytex can also be installed as part of the Dymola installation. If you have already installed some of these via the installation of Dymola, please locate those libraries within the Dymola installation directory (for example: C:\Program Files\Dymola 2023\Modelica\Library) and delete them. If you do not do this then they will potentially show up twice in the Dymola Libraries menu depending on the MODELICA PATH environment variable value.

If you already have previous versions of our libraries installed within C:\Program Files (x86)\Claytex\Modelica you might end up with multiple versions of the BuildToolsMenu in this folder. The BuildToolsMenu auto loads to the Dymola Tools menu when our installation folder is in the Modelica path, so if you have multiple versions it may not auto load the right one and you could get version conflicts. I put the older versions of BuildToolsMenu in a subfolder so only the one I want is available.


1.Once you have downloaded the installer, launch it by double clicking on it.

2. The next step will be to accept the agreement if you are happy with it:

3. Please select the default installation location:

4. Now select the libraries you wish to install:

5. Next you can view the confirmation of which libraries are to be installed:

6. The libraries are then extracted and installed:

7. Once the installation has completed successfully you can configure the licence with the Licence Manager which will also have been installed and can be found in: C:\Program Files (x86)\Claytex\License Manager:

8. If you have purchased network or shareable licences you will also need an installer for the Licence Server from us. Please do not hesitate to get in touch for more information. We hope this quick guide for installing our libraries is of use.

Written by: Alessandro Picarelli – Engineering Director

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