Dymola 2013 released

We are happy to announce that Dymola 2013 is now available and can be downloaded from the update site.  Customers with active support and maintenance are eligible to receive this update and should contact Claytex Technical Support for the details.

The key highlights of this release are listed below and you can find more information in our Tech Blog:

  • Model editing
    • Easier to compose and re-compose models by reusing existing components to create new models.
    • Comments and documentation can be written in your native language, for example, Japanese.
  • Portability and diagnostics
    • Choose between strict Modelica 3 compatibility checking or extended backward model compatibility.
    • Improved error messages and more structured presentation makes model debugging more effective.
  • Environment and setup
    • Better post-processing setup and possibility to disable export options inside Dymola.
    • Improved layout when plotting Boolean and enumeration signals.
    • Simulink interface and FMI support on Linux.
  • New library versions
    • Significant updates to:
      • Optimization v2.1
      • Vehicle Dynamics v1.6
    • Minor updates to:
      • AirConditioning v1.8.2
      • FlexibleBodies v2.0.1
      • Hydraulics v3.2.1
      • SmartElectricDrives v1.4.4
  • New versions of the Claytex libraries will be released in 2 weeks time
    • Major updates to:
      • Engines v1.2.0
      • PTDynamics v1.1.0
      • VDLMotorsports v1.3.0
    • There will also be minor updates to the FlexBody Library


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