Future of Transport & Mobility 2021 – Raconteur Report – The Times Newspaper

In an increasingly noisy world, the Raconteur Reports published in The Times and The Sunday Times, challenge and inspire decision-makers on the topics that matter, helping them make better business decisions.

Covid stopped much of the transport and travel industry in its tracks, so how is the sector responding as the world opens up again? The Future of Transport & Mobility 2021 report explores how town planners are charting the commutes of tomorrow, how a wounded aviation industry is tackling decarbonisation and how mechanics are upskilling to take on electric vehicles.

Future of Transport & Mobility 2021

Raconteur Report published in The Times Newspaper – 29 July 2021

King of the Road: The Car Reigns Supreme

Despite the ongoing campaign for sustainability and a plethora of public transport options, from hydrogen-powered buses to e-scooters, we Brits still love our cars. So, as car ownership increases and driving continues to be our favourite way to get to work, what options are there for the automobile lover who wants to be a little greener?

King of the Road: The Car Reigns Supreme

Some of the topics covered in this report, include:

Electric vehicles pose challenge for automotive repairs

As more British drivers switch to electric vehicles, are garages and mechanics ready for the change?

Transport planners plot route through the unknown

The pandemic has turned the commute on its head and raised difficult questions about the future for transport modelling.

Charting a route to truly accessible transport

Navigating public transport can be a challenge for people with disabilities, particularly during the pandemic. How should service providers respond?

Aviation confronts its emissions challenge

Aircraft manufacturers are making progress with innovative decarbonising technologies, but commercialising these will be far from simple.

Read the full report here: Future of Transport & Mobility 2021


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