Dymola 2017 FD01 Available

Dassault Systemes have announced the availability of a new version of Dymola. The key highlights of the Dymola 2017 FD01 release are:

Modelling and simulation

  • Editor to configure variable selections, which enables smaller result files and easy plotting of key signals.
  • Commands history gives better overview of previous commands and easier selection.
  • Improved diagnostics more clearly identifies model translation problems.
  • Sparse solver offers substantial speedup for certain kinds of models.

Portfolio changes and new Modelica libraries

  • Model calibration, model management and real-time simulation included in standard Dymola, facilitating development of high-quality models.
  • Cooling library for quick dimensioning and lifetime/performance assessment of batteries, electric drives and electronic thermal management.
  • Brushless DC Drives library facilitates effective development of drive systems.

All the Claytex Libraries have been updated and tested with Dymola 2017 FD01.

Customers with a valid support and maintenance agreement can download the new version of Dymola and the Claytex Libraries.

Please contact Claytex to obtain the download links.


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