AESIN Conference 2022 – September 1 – National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham

Claytex will exhibit and present at the AESIN Conference 2022 on 1st of September at the National Motorcycle Museum.

The AESIN Conference 2022 will be celebrating UK’s outstanding automotive electronics related organisations bringing technology to the forefront.

The conference will provide a platform to learn about leading developments in the UK automotive electronics systems industry covering topics such as ADAS & Highly Automated Vehicles, Security, Clean & Connected Mobility, Perception Sensors, User Experience and User Interface Design and Systems Engineering.

Join us at our booth to meet with our engineering team where you’ll be able to see rFpro in action and learn more about AVSandbox.

Presentation: Verification and Validation of a Simulation Model

At Claytex we believe that simulation is going to drive the future of AV development, as it is the only way to deliver the level of testing needed to create reliable systems.

With the number of L2+ systems increasing, and new regulations being introduced to regulate the approval of these systems, it has become necessary to have traceable, robust Verification and Validation processes in place to support the safety evidence that the simulation tests are providing. The current evolution of AV simulation also calls for the implementation of stronger and more reliable accreditation processes.

This presentation will discuss the current validation process used at Claytex for the multipath radar model. This process follows four steps laid out by Robert Sargent in “Verification and validation of simulation models” :

  1. Validation of the conceptual model
  2. Verification of the computerised model
  3. Validation of the operational model
  4. Data validity

We will explain the assumptions and justifications made during the development of the multipath radar and discuss some of the limitations they introduce. Finally, we will discuss the remaining work necessary both for Claytex to validate its instruments and for the industry to standardize the VV&A processes

If you have any questions or would like to book a meeting with us during the event, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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