AutoVision News Interview Managing Director of Claytex

With AutoSens Detroit approaching Carl Anthony from AutoVision News interviewed Mike Dempsey, our Managing Director and asked:

– Who are Claytex and what are Claytex developing today?
– What will Claytex be showcasing at AutoSens Detroit?
– What’s most interesting about the Claytex AVSandbox range of products and how can the Claytex AVSandbox be used to support autonomous vehicle development?

We hope you enjoy this thought leadership, insightful pre-event interview.

AVSandbox, the autonomous vehicle simulation solution developed by Claytex, is built around rFpro and provides physics-based sensor models enabling automotive manufacturers to test, develop and deploy AV solutions into the real world without compromising on safety.

Our simulation tools and services help you create a dynamic development and deployment infrastructure that unleashes the potential of AV and ADAS programmes.  The power of AVSandbox, with its millimetre accurate digital twins, high fidelity vehicle dynamics and real-world, physics-based sensor modelling, brings you the precision, flexibility, and scope to test every conceivable parameter in fully deterministic, repeatable, and highly accurate scenarios – Helping to transform your vision from concept to commercialisation.

Join Claytex and the whole AutoSens community on 9 – 11 May for an incredible technical agenda along with demonstrations of the latest industry advances!

For more information and to register your attendance please visit the following links:

AutoSens Detroit 2023

AutoSens Detroit 2023 Agenda

If you have any questions or to book a meeting with our engineering team at the event, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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