Claytex exhibiting at AVEC vehicle control conference

We’re looking forward to AVEC10, the tenth international symposium on Advanced Vehicle Control, at the end of August. We’ll be exhibiting there, and meeting many customers and partners from around the world.

Dymola is an important tool in all of the areas that the event addresses – everything from active safety, to the development of chassis control systems and hybrid vehicles.

But we’ll be doing much more than promoting Dymola. It’s a real opportunity to hear about new initiatives and blue-sky thinking, and a chance to swap ideas with some of the brightest engineers in the business. You can look at the programmes here.

We hope to see you there. I was introduced to vehicle control systems as a student at Loughborough University, so it’ll be good to be back at the old place and see how it’s changed.

22-26 August
Loughborough University, UK


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